What’s not to love about Live Stream?

With so many of us having friends and family all over the world, a fantastic way for them to feel involved and feel the love on your Big Day is by Live Streaming. With one-click you can invite an unlimited number of guests to your wedding!

Where do our guests view the live stream?

To create even more excitement in the build up to your wedding we create a “Live Stream Page “tailor made for you. This is what you will send your guests a week before the event.
Here you will find a photo of yourselves, along with your word of welcome. We can also display any number of your photos and videos in a carousel to create a sense of excitement.

Do you offer any other unique features?

Another feature we have included on your Live Stream page is a Guestbook, where your guests can send messages of congratulations before, during and after the ceremony.
We also provide a countdown clock, ticking away the days, hours and minutes, so that whatever time zone they are on, they will be aware of when the wedding is going live!

When does the Live Stream start?

On the Big Day itself, we will have the cameras set up and rolling before the guests arrive. They are so unobtrusive they will barely notice them.
As our camera operator is both on site and out of sight, this allows us to capture very natural moments throughout the ceremony. Our cameras are being remotely controlled behind the scenes, enabling us to zoom up and capture those special moments, and change camera angles, finding all the best shots.

How long can I view the Live Stream?

The Live Stream is available to view online for 6 months, and you are also able to download the video to keep.

Is there a way I can keep the wedding on my mobile device?

Our next big offering will be an App of your Live Stream Page. This will allow you to simply add the App to your device and keep your wedding day with you wherever you go!

Please visit: https://stream.thebigday360.com/
To contact us please call +44 (0) 7462 680 367
Or email us: julie@thebigday360.co.uk