Please be aware that the prices shown below for Mayfair Library and The Old Marylebone Town Hall include venue hire. Prices for approved venues show the cost of the registrars’ attendance only – additional venue hire fees will be set at the venue’s discretion.

The Old Marylebone Town Hall

Premium ceremony fees apply to the Westminster, Paddington and Marylebone rooms. Peak season in 2020 is from 4th April - 31st October, and from 20th December - 31st December.

The fee for The Old Marylebone Town Hall includes the Registrars' attendance.



DaysApril 2019 - March 2020April 2020 - March 2021 (Peak Season)April 2020 - March 2021 (Off-Peak Season)
Monday - Thursday (before 5pm)£481£498£498
Monday - Thursday (after 5pm)£553£562£562
Monday - Thursday (premium before 5pm)£571£593£593
Monday - Thursday (premium after 5pm)£689£708£708
Friday (before 5pm)£481£546£498
Friday (after 5pm)£553£604£562
Friday (premium before 5pm)£571£641£593
Friday (premium after 5pm)£689£738£708
Saturday Mornings£560£598£568
Saturday Mornings (premium)£684£721£695
Saturday Afternoon and Evening£560£658£568
Saturday Afternoon and Evening (premium)£684£761£695
Sunday (premium)£794£896£836
Bank Holiday£776£832£832
Bank Holiday (premium)£934£1000£1000

Mayfair Library

Please note that from January 2018 onwards, availability at Mayfair Library will be extremely limited due to the re-opening of Old Marylebone Town Hall. The fee below applies to both rooms. 




DaysApril 2019 - March 2020April 2020 - March 2021
Weekdays after 5pm£591£619
Bank holidays£784£816

Approved Venues

Costs below are for registrars' attendance. Venue hire fee will also apply.





DaysApril 2019 - March 2020April 2020 - March 2021
Weekdays after 5pm£848£851
Bank holidays£1,168£1,186