It was the festive season, you made sure every detail was just perfect, when the moment was just right you plucked up the courage and you asked your partner to marry you. AND they said YES!


Congratulations! Now what?


Well now for the fun, stressed, expensive part…just kidding. It’s only a little bit stressful. Every couple wants the wedding day of their dreams, and so they should.  There are approximately 240, 854 weddings per year in England and Wales and approximately 2,000 of those take place within Westminster.

Many couples (including a few celebrities) have climbed the iconic steps of The Old Marylebone Town Hall and had all their wedding dreams realized thanks to our wonderful registrars, gorgeous ceremony rooms and fabulous wedding suppliers.


Before you can get creative with the invites, flowers and favours, first and foremost, you need a venue and a date. Take a look at our newly refurbished Ceremony rooms…there are 7 to choose from. Click here to take a look.


So often our couples ask our registrars, 'can we personalise our ceremony?’
The simple answer is, yes.
From music, readings and writing your own vows, to adding quirky touches that capture who you are as a couple, the sky is the limit.


To book an appointment with one of our Registrars to get the date inked in to your diary. Follow this link to make an appointment.


Happy wedding planning.


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