Be inspired by these Westminster celebrations.


The Big Day 360° – Live Streaming

What’s not to love about Live Stream?

With so many of us having friends and family all over the world, a fantastic way for them to feel involved and feel the love on your Big Day is by Live Streaming. With one-click you can invite an unlimited number of guests to your wedding!


November Venue of the Month: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

A timeless venue with service to match: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London promises a truly unforgettable wedding. 

October Venue of the Month: St Ermin’s Hotel

“Do you take this hotel?”

Long known as ‘the wedding cake’ hotel for its opulent and romantic spaces, London’s iconic St Ermin’s Hotel is a location as memorable as your special day…

National Registrars Day

We are celebrating our very first National Registrars Day on July 1st 2021 and the date has been specially chosen in honour of the first day of registration which was also July 1st back in 1837. On our Facebook and Instagram, we have been posting dedicated content leading up to the celebration with the hashtag #loveyourregistrar. The service has come a long way since registrars had to pay a £100 bond to the Registrar General to carry out their duties in the early days. That is equal to a whopping £11,000 today, for context.

Goodbye Marriage Register, Hello Marriage Schedule

The laws regarding civil marriage have been in place in England and Wales since 1837. From that time onwards, big green marriage registers have been used to record marriages, with long certificates handwritten on the day. Not much changed between then and now – the words Bachelor and Spinster were replaced with the word ‘single’, the way that previous marriages were recorded was amended, and the big one - changing the definition of marriage so that same sex couples could also marry.