The questions and answers below are largely in relation to ceremonies taking place at The Old Marylebone Town Hall, unless stated otherwise. If you have specific questions about your ceremony at another venue with Westminster, please use the contact section to the right to get in touch and we will get back to you.

If you’re looking for more information on the process of booking your ceremony, take a look at our blog post on how to do it.

What ceremony dates and times are available? 

Click 'Book Now' to check availability, fees and book your ceremony. 

Please be reminded that if your ceremony is taking place at a venue other than the Old Marylebone Town Hall or Mayfair Library, you will also need to book directly with the venue as well as booking the registrars via the above link.


What are your terms and conditions for cancelling/changing my ceremony?

Follow this link for our policy on cancelling/amending the date and/or time of your ceremony.


Can we visit the Town Hall before booking?

You are welcome to come along to an open evening at the Town Hall. They are held once a month on Thursdays between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. However, please ensure you book to attend via this link 

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I don’t live in Westminster, can I still get married in this borough? 

Yes, of course. You will need to give notice in your home borough. Read more here

If you live abroad and are having a 'destination wedding' in London, you must give notice in the UK. See our blog post on how to get married for more information on this.


How do I make arrangements to give my notice of intention to marry / form a civil partnership?

If you live in Westminster, please see here to book an appointment. 

If you do not live in Westminster (or live abroad and will be establishing residency in a different district to Westminster) please contact your local register office.


I have given my notice of intention. Will you let me know when it has been issued? 

No. We will only contact you if there has been a problem with your notice. If you have given notice elsewhere for a ceremony in Westminster, we will be automatically informed that you have done so - you don’t need to inform us.


Do I need to give notice again if I move house between giving notice and the day of my wedding/civil partnership?

No, you do not need to give notice again as long as your ceremony is taking place at the same venue within 12 months of giving notice. 


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Can I choose a specific registrar? Can my friend conduct my ceremony? 

Your ceremony needs to be conducted by a Westminster registrar or a registrar currently working in another district. 

Whilst we are happy to consider a request for a registrar that you have spoken with whilst making enquiries, it may not always be possible for them to attend your ceremony based on work patterns or leave etc. We will not consider requests to allocate registrars based on individual characteristics.


When will I hear from my registrar? How can I let them know my ceremony choices?

Your registrar will be in touch within 7 days of your ceremony once the staffing rota has been finalised and the registrar conducting your ceremony has been assigned. You can let them know your ceremony choices by completing this form ahead of your registrar making contact.


Can we offer a token of thanks to our registrars?

Whilst we are very grateful for gifts of appreciation you may wish to give us, we are unable to accept them as a matter of council policy. 

We would prefer for you to share your special memories with us in the form of photos. Be sure to let us know if you would be happy with images being shared on our social media platforms.

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What time do I need to be available to meet with my registrars pre-ceremony?

If you would prefer to be seen separately by your registrars we ask that one of you is available to meet them 30 minutes before the start time of your ceremony and the other is available to meet them 15 minutes before. If your preference is to meet with your registrars together, we ask that you both be available 30 minutes before your ceremony start time to complete the legal preliminaries.


What time can our guests enter the ceremony room?

Your guests may be seated in the ceremony room 30 minutes before your ceremony start time. If you have a particular preference for seating arrangements, please ensure you advise your guests accordingly. 


Do we/our witnesses need to bring ID on the day of our ceremony?

You do not need to bring anything on the day and neither do your witnesses.

Your witnesses need to speak and understand English, and ideally should be over the age of 16. They can be friends, family members or strangers. You must supply your own witnesses – Westminster Register Office staff cannot act as witnesses. 

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When will I receive my marriage/civil partnership certificate? 

Your certificate(s) will be posted to you up to 2 weeks after your ceremony by recorded delivery. Please let us know if you need the certificates to go to an alternative address if you will not be available to sign for them .


I got married/civil partnered with you previously, how do I get additional copies of my marriage/civil partnership certificate?

Please place your order here and it will be posted out to you.

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How long should we expect to be in the building?

Your booking with us is 60 minutes in total. This time includes 30 minutes ahead of your booked ceremony time for your guests to settle in and be seated ahead of your entrance into the room. The ceremony itself (including signing of the paperwork) will be around 20 minutes. The last 10-15 minutes takes into account guests vacating the room and photos you will take leaving the building, and those on the steps i.e. your confetti shot. 


Will we have exclusive use of the building? Can we change the layout of the room?

Our ceremonies have staggered start times, so there is only ever one ceremony due to start at any one time. It is still important to bear in mind that no one has exclusive use of the building.

Each ceremony room has a fixed layout. Unfortunately, we cannot remove chairs from the rooms. 


Are additional guests able to stand at the back of the ceremony room? Can we change to a larger room if we need to? 

It isn't possible for extra guests to stand in the ceremony rooms but it may be possible for your ceremony to take place in a larger room to accommodate more guests. Please be aware that this will depend on room availability and an amendment fee may be applicable.


Is there somewhere for my wedding car/bus to park outside?

There is a pick-up and drop-off point at the front of the building, but vehicles are not permitted to wait here. Parking is restricted in the surrounding streets, although there is a privately owned multi-story car park found diagonally opposite to the Old Marylebone Town Hall. Parking fees will apply. If you are hiring a bus for your wedding, please discuss parking arrangement with the company.


Is there disabled access/a loop system? 

Anyone requiring disabled access to the building will be escorted by a member of staff through the adjoining building, the Sammy Ofer Centre, on Marylebone Road. We ask that you complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP form) beforehand and email it to ceremonysupportservices@westminster.gov.uk

There is no loop system in the building.


Can our dog/cat attend the ceremony?

Yes, as long as they are kept on a lead/in their carrier. We ask that parties ensure they are ready to clean up after their dog/cat if necessary and must always maintain control of them. Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring your dog/cat so we can make a note on your booking. 


Can we play music or hire a musician for the ceremony? 

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own recorded music or organise live musician(s) - without amps so as not to disrupt other weddings. Please ensure that any recorded music is downloaded as a playlist to a smart device i.e. phone or tablet. The device will need to be connected to our speaker via Bluetooth and you will need to designate the role of controlling the music to someone from your ceremony party. 


Can we have confetti/petals/bubbles?

You are very welcome to do so on the external stone steps after your ceremony. As this is not permitted within the building, flower petals cannot be thrown ahead of brides when making their entrance into the ceremony room. 

We would appreciate if you used biodegradable confetti only. We ask that you do NOT use confetti cannons as the noise they make is disruptive to other ceremonies still taking place inside the Town Hall.

Please fill out this form if you would like to purchase our in-house biodegradable confetti. It will be ready for you on the day of the ceremony. 


Can we stream our ceremony? (Use Zoom, FaceTime etc)

Yes, we have WiFi to facilitate this. Please bring and set up your own devices/make arrangements with a professional live-streaming company. 


Can we have a “first toast” after our ceremony? 

Yes, it is possible to arrange a first toast following your ceremony for up to 30 guests, taking place Monday-Thursday. 

To book, please complete this form


Can we bring flowers/candles/helium balloons?

It is not possible to bring candles/helium balloons. However, you can bring faux candles.

Floral arrangements in the ceremony rooms are replenished on a quarterly basis and the colours are seasonal. Additional flower arrangements can be brought and added to the permanent arrangements in the room as long as they are easy to put up and can be removed directly afterwards by the wedding party. 

Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring additional floral arrangements and/or faux candles.


Where should my guests leave pushchairs/luggage? 

They are to be left in the foyer, to save space in the ceremony rooms. These areas are open and belongings are left at their own risk.

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