Ceremony Booking Terms and Conditions 

Your ceremony booking is accepted under the below terms and conditions and on the agreement that you accept the cancellation and amendment fees below.

  1. No legal impediment to the marriage or civil partnership exists and Legal Preliminaries are completed within statutory time limits.
  2. Any foreign divorce/dissolution papers are accepted by the Registrar General where applicable.
  3. The balance of ceremony fees is payable either at the time of booking or four months prior to the date of the ceremony, whichever is the nearer date to the day of the ceremony.
  4. All required documentation is presented to Westminster Register Office prior to the ceremony date. Where either or both parties to a marriage ceremony have conducted their legal preliminaries outside of the Westminster Registration District, it is the responsibility of the parties to ensure that Westminster Registration Service has the required Authorities for Marriage in advance of the ceremony.
  5. The ceremony is of a dignified nature, to reflect the occasion, and legally compliant. It must be conducted by a Westminster registrar. Westminster Registration Office has the final decision on any wording and the content of the ceremony from start to finish.
  6. You provide two witnesses who are over the age of 16 and fluent in English to witness the marriage/civil partnership. Please note Westminster Registration Service staff cannot act as witnesses.
  7. Both parties will be available to meet with the Registrars at the ceremony venue no later than 15 minutes before the ceremony start time. In the event of late arrival and if your ceremony is likely to start later than 10 minutes after the allocated start time, your ceremony will be subject to rescheduling to a different time in order to accommodate our commitments with other ceremonies.
  8. If you hold a non UK passport and you are entering the UK to have a marriage or civil partnership ceremony the onus is on you to ensure you are entering the country on the correct visa. Visit GOV.UK for more information.
  9. Please note:  It is an offence under sec.25(1) of the Immigration Act 1971 to enter into a marriage to help facilitate a stay in the United Kingdom. If a ceremony does not go ahead due to the UK Border Agency intervening, no refund is applicable.

If you do not comply with the above conditions, we do have the right to remove your booking from our diary and you will be subject to the cancellation fees below:

Cancellation and amendment conditions and fees:

 More than four calendar months before the ceremonyLess than four calendar months, but more than one calendar month before the ceremonyLess than one calendar month before the ceremony
Cancelling CeremonyThe customer may apply for a refund of the ceremony fee (if paid), minus the current non refundable booking fee.  The customer may apply for a refund of the ceremony fee, minus £120.If the ceremony is cancelled within 1 calendar month of the date of the ceremony, no refund is applicable.
Amending date/time of ceremonyAn amendment fee of £25 is charged for each date and/or time change that is made to the original booking. There may also be a difference in fee to pay for the new date/time. An amendment fee of £120 is charged for each date and/or time change that is made to the original booking.  There may also be a difference in fee to pay for the new date/time. If the date and/or time of the ceremony is changed less than one calendar month before the ceremony, no fees will be transferred to the new date/time.

To cancel a ceremony

To cancel a ceremony please complete and submit this form. We will contact you to confirm that the cancellation has been actioned.

To amend a ceremony

Amendments cannot be made online therefore please complete and submit this form. Please do not book a new ceremony if you wish to amend your current ceremony as booking fees are non-refundable. We will contact you to discuss availability and to make the amendment. As well as a rescheduling fee, you will need to pay the difference in fees if you choose a more expensive room/day/time than your original booking. You will also need to pay if new notice of intention appointments are required due to a change in date and/or location of your ceremony. 

To apply for a refund

Before requesting a refund, please confirm using the table above that you qualify to do so. Please also note the applicable fee to be refunded. All refunds must be applied for before the ceremony date. Refund requests received after the ceremony date cannot be considered. Please complete and submit this form.