Pulbrook and Gould Flowers London

Pulbrook and Gould Flowers London

Pulbrook & Gould is London’s most prestigious florist. 

Founded in 1956 they bought the joy and beauty of the English country garden to the most sophisticated floral creations in the land. Today, sixty years later, they still do this, of course, but so much more as well.  Everything they do is guided by deep love for flowers and their long expertise in how to combine the natural beauty of their colours, forms and scents. Their floristry is consequently characterised by extraordinary creative statements that have huge personality, individuality and flair.  

Your wedding

Throughout their history, they have had the opportunity to dress some of the most significant weddings in the United Kingdom with floral creations that have become legendary. This has provided a deep understanding of the protocol and flair that is required to make a wedding day look ravishing.  The hallmarks of their wedding service are finesse, attention to detail and extraordinary creativity. As well as designing and creating the over all scheme, close attention is paid to little things, like making sure the bouquets are comfortable and in perfect proportion, and ensuring the scent in the room is captivating but not overpowering.

Most of all, their wedding floristry is a reflection of you, the couple as you embark on your life together. Whether it’s a simple decorative scheme that fills a space with cow parsley and wild flowers, or an explosion of extravagant floral displays, they will always make sure that the flowers will be as romantic and emotional as the day itself.  

Pulbrook & Gould Flowers
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