The Marylebone and Paddington rooms are charged at the same rate as the Westminster room. Couples can only choose one of the three rooms per ceremony slot due to their proximity to one another and potential issues with noise. 
The fee includes use of the room, the attendance of two registrars and one copy of the marriage or civil partnership certificate.

Booking terms and conditions can be found here.


Peak season: 

1st April - 31st October & 1st December - 31st December

Off-peak season: 

1st November - 30th November & 1st January - 31st March

Please note we do not accept American Express.
Days April 2024 - March 2025 (Peak Season) April 2024 - March 2025 (Off-Peak Season) April 2025 - March 2026 (Peak Season) April 2025 - March 2026 (Off-Peak Season)
Monday - Thursday (before 5pm) £867.50 £867.50 £892.50 £892.50
Monday - Thursday (from 5pm onwards) £1,227.50 £977.50 £1,277.50 £1,007.50
Friday (before 5pm) £1,167.50 £867.50 £1,222.50 £892.50
Friday (from 5pm onwards) £1,227.50 £977.50 £1,277.50 £1007.50
Saturday Morning £1,227.50 £977.50 £1,277.50 £1,007.50
Saturday Afternoon and Evening £1,227.50 £977.50 £1,277.50 £1,007.50
Sunday £1,332.50 £1,132.50 £1,397.50 £1,167.50
Bank Holiday £1,497.50 £1,497.50 £1,607.50 £1,607.50

The Westminster Room

This is the largest room with beautiful wood panelling and an impressive elaborate plasterwork ceiling. Plush carpet adds to the luxurious feel of the room.


Take a look at our planning guide for a step-by-step overview of what holding your ceremony in this elegant room will entail.


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